• Income Disclosure

    Independent Consultants have the opportunity to purchase accessories from Paparazzi at wholesale prices and resell the products to customers. Consultants are rewarded for retail sales of Paparazzi accessories with a 35-45% gross profit from each item sold. Consultants can also be rewarded through various bonuses by sponsoring or enrolling new Independent Consultants.

    Income earned by Consultants will vary depending on the time, dedication, and effort a Consultant puts into their Paparazzi business. Succeeding as a Consultant requires hard work and there are no guarantees of success. However, there is real income potential for those Consultants who dedicate the time, effort, and commitment to develop their customer base for Paparazzi accessories, and sponsoring and mentoring others to do the same.


    The color palette for the 2019 Fall season is one of the most versatile palettes to dat.